Zobrazuji výrobce: Pipeworks & Wilke
Popis, historie atd.: Pipeworks & Wilke was established in old New York in 1872. Pipeworks & Wilke is now in Montpelier, Vermont. For over 125 years Wilke pipes and tobaccos have been sought after by pipesmokers around the world. Pipeworks & Wilke continues the tradition of the Wilke Pipe Shop. Pipeworks and Wilke is dedicated to handblending fine tobaccos in small batches to insure overall consistency and quality.
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Jméno Recenzí Známka Akce
Bohemian Mixture 0    
Dummerston 3 1.3  
Vermont Maple Cavendish 2 1.0  
Wilke No. 191 1 1.0  
Wilke No.515 1 1.0  

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